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Detoxing Footbath… What is it?

In simple terms, the detoxing footbath helps to rid the body of any harmful toxins it may have. There are thousands of programs in our TrueRife system to help with many things.

Do you deal with GI issues? Have parasites? Mold or toxins exposure? Candida? COVID and COVID long haulers type issues? Allergies or asthma?

Give this True Rife system a try and see if we can help you feel better today!

How does it work?

Our TrueRife Machine has programs that run electromagnetic frequencies through the warmed salt water. While your feet are in the water the frequencies are being pushed through your body and toxins are being released back into the water. It produces hydrogen in the footbath water to make a positive charge. That positive charge then attracts the negative charged toxins in the body and pulls those toxins out through the bottoms of the feet. It’s like a magnet!

Ions in the footbath water hold a charge that enables them to bind the toxins in your body, allowing them to be pulled. This is shown through the cloudiness or discoloration of the water. This color shows the impurities being pulled out of the body.

How can I book a Detoxing Footbath?

We are open to Footbaths from Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. We would appreciate it if you could give us a call or text at (260) 739-7281 or book online to book an appointment!

How much is a Detoxing Footbath session?

Everyone’s programs are different and suited to fit their own goals. Times may vary based on how long the queue of programs may be. Usually, most programs will take around 1 hour.

1 hour – $60      90 minutes – $90

Does it matter who I book the appointment with?

It does not. Gina is the gal with answers to most questions, but the other service providers help the treatment be a success and communicate the goals and questions to you (the client) and Gina to make sure you have the best session possible!

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