Gravity Colonic Irrigation

A Gentle Irrigation for Your Colon

What is a Gravity Colonic Irrigation Procedure?

Let’s de-mystify the colonic hydrotherapy procedure. Whether you call it a colonic, colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, the procedure of a colonic is simply a bathing of your large intestine with purified water. That’s it! So, if it’s that simple, what’s all the controversy about? The colonic irrigation procedure remains a mystery for many and taboo in the medical world. Stories circulate about perforated (punctured) colons, compromised friendly bacteria, reduced electrolytes, and loss of bowel control/dependency. Some have placed fear in people when it comes to cleansing from within. Let’s break down these rumors and get lots of fun facts clarified!

Gravity Method OR Machine Method?

There are essentially two methods of Colonic Hydrotherapy: 1- the machine method (sometimes called LIBBIE, pressurized, or Open method), or the Gravity Method. Gravity Method Colonic is what I love and enjoy. But I encourage all to do your own comparison!

The Simplicity and Ease of Gravity
  • The Gravity Method is the original method of colon hydrotherapy. The body is more receptive to the gentle flow of water via natural means.
  • During the colonic session, your colon hydrotherapist directs the treatment in unison with the water.
  • Most people, who are new to colonics, feel that the process is much easier and more relaxing than they anticipate.
The Mechanics of a Gravity Method Colonic
  • As the water (from the tank suspended on the wall above) enters your body it will simultaneously exit, thus allowing you to feel an emphasis on the exit rather than the input of water.
  • Your elimination is contained in a closed tube, and you will be covered with a drape sheet for privacy. 
Your Colon Hydro-Therapist

The Hydro-therapist is in tune with your body throughout the treatment via abdominal massage and a gentle manual pulsing of the tube that carries the water and waste out of your body.

Sterilizing Tools: 
  1. Tools are scrubbed and rinsed with soap and hot water.
  2. The instruments are soaked in a powerful, disinfecting solution of 200-400ppm solution called CDC as directed.
  3. They are placed into an autoclave for heat sterilization for twice the required time. 
  4. The room equipment and surfaces are cleaned before and after every session. There is always freshly cleaned linens for your modesty and comfort.
Colonics FAQs

Do I push during colonics? – No, you don’t need to push during a colonic. The water and your colon hydrotherapist will do the work. As the water flows through you, your therapist will massage your abdomen to ensure that you’re able to release as much fecal material as possible. You help the process by staying relaxed.

Do they hurt? – This is probably the Number One colon hydrotherapy FAQ. Colonics should never hurt. Some clients do experience slight discomfort. Sometimes there may be some mild cramping, almost always as a result of gas pressure. Your hydrotherapist will guide you through your session, administering abdominal massage to help the colon release. This will help the gas to move out, which relieves the cramping. In our experience, it is the novelty of the procedure that is most often responsible for any discomfort. Once our clients know what to expect, they establish a rapport with their therapist and are thrilled with how much better they feel even during the session!

Will I become dependent on them? – Nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike laxatives, which can be addictive, colonics actually tone and train the colon so that it can function more effectively. They accomplish this in two ways: First, by reducing whatever toxic load may be present, and second by strengthening the peristaltic muscles that move food through the digestive tract, including pushing waste through the colon.

Is perforation a true concern? – In a Gravity Method Colonic, there is a continuous flow of water, in and out of the body, which means that you’re not being filled up like a balloon. I do allow your colon to intake a small measure of water, but this is done after some of the gas and matter has emptied which creates room for sensible supervised water intake. This is a colonic therapist administered and not a machine-controlled procedure. You want a human being there with you that is sensitive to your rhythm and the state of your colon. No instruments are traveling through your colon in the colonic irrigation procedure, only warm, filtered water!

Will colonics wash away all my healthy flora and bacteria? – We love it when clients ask this question, because it shows that they understand how important good gut flora is. The short answer –is no. 

Processed foods, alcohol, soda, and medications aren’t impairing your friendly bacteria??? If you like your friends, it’s wise to treat them well and they’ll be loving and loyal. The same thing applies to the healthy bacteria in your digestive system. The way to maintain healthy bacteria is to drink and eat nutritious fresh juices and foods, take supplements as needed, and make sure your bowels are moving and grooving so that waste is not sitting around putrefying, fermenting, and destroying your internal balance and impairing your friendly bacteria. 

Think of your colon as a neighborhood over run with thugs. They’ve burned out the buildings, sprayed graffiti everywhere, and made things so unstable that the good guys don’t dare venture out. Colonics clean up the neighborhood so the good guys can build the community they want you to have! They put in gardens where there used to be junkyards; songbirds and butterflies return and the good guys are able to move about freely to do the work they love – namely, taking care of YOU! And all of this regeneration happens because of skillful irrigation!

Intestinally speaking, you must keep the poop moving so your gut can rejuvenate you! Friendly bacteria thrive in a clean colon, not a dirty one.

Loss of electrolytes and bowel control or dependency – Simply put, electrolytes are compounds that get transported in a salty fluid to assist electrical impulses, muscle function, hydration, and PH level. Serious stuff! That’s why we remind you to drink water, raw coconut water, and fresh veggie juices, always, and especially right after your colonic irrigation procedure. If your body is full/impacted with waste and gas, then your absorption becomes limited. Years of experience teach us, with colonic irrigation, we’ve never seen loss of bowel control or dependency. Working with the Gravity Method does not weaken your peristalsis. To the contrary, this colonic irrigation method gives your colon a workout, toning and strengthening this vital muscle as the waste matter is alleviated.

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